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UK Weatherbrief 11th-17th May 2011

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11th-17th May 2011

Echoes of 22nd Feb 2010 and as accurately predicted this year we saw similar strong gale force winds bringing in blizzards to NW Scotland

some minor destruction also to our region from 3rd Feb. I expect NW region to be vulnerable again to these weather patterns this phase with

potential for floods to North UK. I expect weather headlines to feature in the news for northern regions where floods can cause problems as

very heavy precipitation arrives in a short space of time. This phase is characterised by strong but variable wind conditions with some dry

spells, though a stormy gloomy start from 10th and a potential tornado breeder to south of our region. Another EQ likely around 15th and a

weather system hits N travels east then south.

11th More thundery outbreaks due to temps rising in previous days strong gusty southerlies combine with brisk N Westerlies strong at times

and could reach gale force to some regions.
12th Some rain hail or sleet attempts midnight to early morning with clouds or mistiness at the start. Outlook cool but warmer as sun gets

high by mid day. Ran favours western and southern regions.
13-14th Should be fairer weather from afternoon to evening with some southerlies stopping temps getting low cloud with sun spells expected

but it should be warmest days these two days
15th-17th Nights clearer; temps mild but muggy with all the rain around, some cloud or fogs/ mists southerlies for 15th with storm breeding

potential move to make way for N Westerlies on 16th when temps get cooler. By 16th some easterlies around sun with cloud, cold pockets

and rain. Tornado or whirlwind potential around 16-17th and rain arrives early on 17th. This can be very heavy bringing flash floods to some

regions as it moves west to east. Thundery outbreaks can combine with lightening strikes with North of England and Scotland worst affected

Rain moves to east coast by 17th when winds turn to very strong N Westerly.

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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

May 8, 2011 at 11:44 am

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