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Well this certainly was a phase of UK weather extremes, as I forecast in my astro meteorological

report, with the NW and Scotland still getting day after day of rain that left many complaining, but the big

extreme was the gales on 23rd that brought down wagons on the M62 near Leeds and trees in many

northern parts of the UK and Ireland. Scotland bore the brunt with roads closed due to destructive high

speed gales, with some parts losing electricity supplies. No floods arrived thankfully, though with the

ongoing continuous days of rain to NW and Scotland, and pennine areas, that is rather surprising!
Stormy gale force winds as accurately forecast for 17th, continued strong NW 18th as forecast, but

lasting throughout this phase getting destructive in the extreme by 23rd, when we also had some rainy

outbreaks not just in the early morning ad forecast but also 1:20 then heavier for Very little rain here,

though much cloud around with cooler temps than previous week, and less sunshine. The heavy

downpour weather I forecast for late afternoon 19th arrived instead at 1:20 pm on 20th, as forecast by 3

pm. Better sunnier weather for 20th-22nd turned out to be a very accurate forecast with some nicer

outdoor if windy weather, as forecast in ”gusty westerlies” 23rd brought quick showers we got them

around 1:30 pm BST and 2:30pm very heavy hail with rain shower for about 20 minutes, then one hour

later the sun came out as promised.

see summer 2011 UK weather forecast at my website
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

May 24, 2011 at 8:51 am

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