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Astro Meteorology Feedback Weather Forecast 1-8th June

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FEEDBACK UK Weather forecast 1st June -9th

1st was sunny with cloudy spells, very breezy to windy but some warmth in sun, spits and spots of rain 4pm evening onwards, as forecast, but no thunder here.
2nd-3rd Glorious, with high temps as forecast, no rain here though, and no t/storm so my forecast not entirely accurate for us for yesterday/today, though some regions I think did have these arriving from today especially Ireland where heavy levels caused flooding….
4th Sunny start to day but developing into overcast, varying winds strong and blustery with spray by 8pm, as forecast, with 5th similar though rain by 6pm
6th while a months supply of rain fell in the SE England, we had a cloudy day with warm sun spells sunnier by 6pm
7th strong winds around, along with some heavy rain to NW regions, some intermittent electrical oubursts to N Yorks from 11 15 am onwards and during afternoon, but some warmth around in between., paving way for a lovely sunny evening.
8th More of the electrical outbursts arrived as promised in general description of this phase, 12.30 pm, with thunder, then again 5 20pm and 6pm quick heavy rain outbursts, some sun spells in between and breeziness continues..
The only earthquake I would connect with what I was looking for relating to the Ridge area, would be the one near Panama which was connected to tectonic ocean plates, a little lower and further west than I expected, but wait till 12th to see if any appears in areas I located….

STOP  PRESS …..The earthquake I predicted for Iran came through on 9th, smaller than I anticipated, but it is early days…
M 4.8      2011/06/09 10:13     Depth 36.4 km      WESTERN IRAN
01:43:16 PM at epicenter

Read amazing for longer range predictions for both spring and summer.
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free downloads with much more..

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