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FEEDBACK 8-15th July
Accurate overall prediction with temps rising to highs as predicted for 15th, 8th was warmer as well as also predicted for each month

in overall view for start of summer predictions.Showery weather did arrive from outset with showery spells breaking out between sun, cloudy interludes 8th-10th, drier condtions from 11-15th with fine outdoor weather 14/15th with sunshine. Certainly some erratic westerly spurts around on 14th if you were on exposed high ground in Ilkley!

Remember please that my predictions are long range, and I expect at least 80-90% accuracy, though often achieve 100% for som  weeks. Also, I don’t change my predictions like the met do, they stay on this site unchanged from the day I post them, often showing accurate weather trends for up to five or six months ahead.

Read for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or

go to
Read to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in

weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

July 15, 2011 at 3:47 pm

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