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UKweather forecast West Yorks and Beyond 15th-23rd July

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16th-23rd July
A cooler phase with breezes and some lively winds to come, some sunny spells but heavier rain expected by 23rd
I don’t expect flooding levels to meet those of 2009 when similar patterns were around for Scotland and Yorkshire. Last year similar patterns saw the Iceland volcano erupting. Some lightening could arrive with rain.
16th-17th looks sunny with warm temps declining sudden spartan outbreaks potential mid morning on 17th

18th Cooler temps prevail with some noisy breezes, could be some showery outbreaks from early morning, but clears for a pleasant evening.

19th North westerlies are active, zippy and strong, should be dry. Cloud around and cooler temps

20-21st Some fair seasonal conditions after sunrise, but cloud builds during afternoon. Strong northerlies active on 21st.
22nd should be a fine summer day cloud with sunshine, variable winds easterlies arrive along with southwesterlies keeping temps cool to seasonally warm

23rd Rain looks likely from mid day or earlier, as temps rise, and static builds, but the precipitation will be refreshing and clear the air, though it could prove heavy to extreme north and south regions of Britain, however heavy this rain becomes it will accompany refreshing air rather than oppressive, once the storminess subsides.

Remember please that my predictions are long range, and I expect at least 80-90% accuracy, though often achieve 100% for some weeks. Also, I don’t change my predictions like the met do, they stay on this site unchanged from the day I post them, often showing accurate weather trends for up to five or six months ahead.

Read     for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or go to           
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

July 15, 2011 at 3:56 pm

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