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Feedback 23-30th July

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Feedback 23-30th July
This phase turned out to be bright and sunny for the most part for Lds/Bfd area especially 24th when no precipiation arrived for our region; spray attempts 1 30pm 25th stopping after a few drops only; rain showery following morning around 8-9 am soon cleared after a nice showery sprinkling for potted plants. 27th brought nice summer temps bright but cloudy while 28th brought showery conditions from 8.30 pm and cloud after a hot sunny day. 29th cloudy start but sun breaking through to shine for the afternoon accompanied by breeziness and warmth staying around till late evening. So not a bad forecast for the week, though less rain around than expected.
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

July 29, 2011 at 6:58 pm

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