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UKweather 31st July-6th August West Yorks

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30th July-6 August

First of all not the best week to pitch you tent or plan a sailing break around the UK!!!
This is going to be an eventful phase weather-wise similar to, but not as bad as 11 July phase last year when we saw  flood and gale advisories for Scotland and record breaking rain for Ireland along with squalls travelling up to Gloucestershire. However, I do expect some similar if not as extreme weather this phase so batten down the hatches especially from 2nd August when gale force winds can rage and on 4-5th I expect news of a tornado or two.
A wet weather system is over western UK at the outset.
Ireland could be in trouble at the outset, but the western front of the UK is set to be dealing with wet conditions coming in. NW England and Scotland, along with Wales are vulnerable to this system.

31st July wet weather moving over eastern UK still atmosphere but some sunny outbreaks.

1st AUGUST Cloud around and easterlies beginning to flow along with some North westerlies, some cloud around but sunshine expected in large doses.

2 August winds getting strong increasing to speedy westerly gales today for many parts of UK. with some potential for speeds 60+ mph from today/tomorrow.  These winds can bring in rain for this region  as well as the west, and is most likely to bring rain after midnight and before 4 pm today.  A very unsettled weather outlook but some sunshine could still be around our region.

3rd Unsettled conditions continue………Some cool pockets but some sunshine battling with cloud to keep temperatures seasonally summery, some undercurrents of warm air could ward off the cold feel. Gales continue for some areas and coastal regions and some sea borne problems hit the news headlines around this date.

4th Milder conditions could win the day, but winds can still be troublesome with easterlies entering the affray today/ tomorrow

5th Still muggy atmosphere with threats of more rainy conditions and strong easterlies …unsettled conditions continue to affect weather.

6th Cool to moderate temps but rain could arrive by late evening and drains could be at flood levels for many localities around the UK. The south looks the worst hit by rain today as the bad weather gets pulled south.
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

July 29, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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