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Weather West yorks and Beyond 21st-29th August

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Not as fair a phase with wet unsettled conditions for first half but weather turning slightly sunnier for second half when winds can be strong and tornado activity develops after 26th…..temps on cool to mod range with 27th-29th seeing better mercury levels for the phase.

Rain expected from outset especially over Ireland and Scotland and Northern England, we might escape the worst of it here and there will be some refreshing air to compensate for lack of dryness. Sun and cloud from 21-22nd and some easterlies can be swirling around from Monday. 23 rd could see continuing showery outbreaks cloudy some sun spells while 23rd  brings some erratic weather and some easterly squalls along with southerly spurts expect a cloudy but mild day with showers threatening to arrive on Friday t/out UK leaving some sunny weather once rain has passed over. Strong north westerlies to clear up the rain. 24th should be moderate to warm but don’t expect any highs, atmosphere will be more settled less breezy. 25th Northerlies also begin to reign growing stronger by  26/27th when high speed winds can bring breeding tornadoes, and in the north there will be gales. Cool conditions with cold pockets especially in exposed regions from 28th with winds continuing in strength and the outlook is for strong windy and rainy conditions t/out UK for 29th

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

August 20, 2011 at 7:32 pm

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