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FEEDBACK 21st-19th August

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FEEDBACK 21st-19th August
A reasonably accurate prediction I rate this 98% accurate for this phase, the SE got flood warnings from 22nd, didn’t get time to look at Scotland or Ireland at outset, again I didn’t get time to see if a tornado did arise, but certainly gale force winds did erupt for the North with a severe gale forecast expected there for 26th/27th and we got very strong blustery winds in W Yorks—pretty amazing when you think astrology could forecast this back in Winter earlier this year, before this weather was even on the horizon!
Our weather for 26th started showery before sunrise followed by a glorious morning very windy but a lovely day, 27th2nd was glorious here too with nice temps keeping it summery, 23rd. Glorious but breezy and some cloud again, 24th-25th though more cloud around on 25th. 26th gave us a rainy am, drier but cloudy day cooler conditions rainy again by eveing with temps much cooler. 27th Overnight showers kept things cool and continued showery into the moming, breezy day with showers again by evening and breezy. 28th Brought very strong breezy conditions, and though it remained dry Lds and Bfd, Otley had rain all afternoon, while we got a showery morning followed by a sunshiny pm. 28th continued very breezy in fact in Grassington it was strong winds you had to take care with if you were out walking…..It was sunny here with a shower around 9 45 am, then again light shower 11 am but sun with cloud for the afternoon while it blew a gale in Scotland and the north as predicted….29th gave a sunny am but weather deterirorated by late afternoon brining in showery conditions by 6pm continuing intermittenlty t/out the evening along with very breezy weather….
Read for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or go to
Read to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..Autumn weather is now uploaded on starsite.

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

August 29, 2011 at 7:13 pm

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