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Weather forecast feedback 4th-12th September

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Feedback 4th-12th September
This was a highly accurate forecast (published in Spring 2011) with gales for us at the outset, strong on 5th with cloudy spells and rainy outursts, winds

dominating the phase, and more gales, as forecast, getting stronger by 11th as a result of the remains of hurricane Katia coming our way. The warmth I forecast was also around, with nice temps from 4-6th and warmer on 9th but it remained dry in these parts, though some localised outbursts may have occurred. 10th was very humid after early morning showers but only spits and spots or showery outbursts arrived with winds revving up later in day.
As forecast there was not a heavy overall amount of rain for our region where lake lines are still way below normal levels.
Just goes to show you can predict weather early in the year and get a good result!
Read for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for both Spring and Summer 2011 or go to
Read to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..Autumn weather is now uploaded on starsite.

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

September 12, 2011 at 7:33 am

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