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Weather W Yorks and Beyond 12th-20th September

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12th-20th September
Rain expected, winds active and cooler conditions to remind us Autumn is on its way, some icy cool conditions with showery hail outbursts, and thundery

outbursts also expected for some regions.

12th sees rain heavier to the east of us with some continued sporadic outburst in our region along with very strong winds. Cloudy and cold day. A cloudy evening with quick showery outbursts after 10pm.

13th cloudy before sunrise electrical showery outbursts, rain/hail sleet showers by mid day, a bit more moderate temps than yesterday, windy.

14th Showery after midnight at start of day, some mistiness early morning, a cloudy afternoon and clearer evening. Temps seasonally moderate.

15th hail/sleet showers mid afternoon, cold icy temps accompany showery outbursts, some sun potential with cloud, northerlies grow strong.

16th hail showers after 2 am more icy outbreaks mid afternoon, cold temps cloud around and gusty zippy westerlies prevail. News of EQ +/- 2-3 days of this  date Far east Asia region/Japan.

17th Showery after 6am, cloud with some sun spells and southerly spurts.

18th Cold, cloudy, rain threatens and could even be news of snow showers for high northern places.

19th Breezy conditions, some sunshine around but unsettled air. Sporadic showery outbreaks could break out but not long lasting or heavy. Very windy weather

20th More mild temperatures clashing with some icy cold pockets coming down sloped regions. Easterlies active, weather remains unsettled and shower outbreaks expected again.
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

September 12, 2011 at 7:42 am

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