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18th-25th November W Yorks and Yonder

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18th-25th November
Another Supermoon period extremely close with EQ potential on 24th so an eventful time on the weather globe…… I expect heavy levels of precipitation in a short space of time and flood for some regions of the UK, we can also expect some sunshine along with the showers though so not all is lost….22nd is a very unsettled day and heralds bad conditions….but some of the worst of the weather is expected by 20th and severe conditions raging 22 -24th Flash flood likely with drains overflowing and under stress….don’t go potholing as underground caverns will be treacherous at this time…..but Caves and falls  at Ingleborough should look stupendous with this amount of rain gushing out of them….. Some sunshine between showers to start, but gets worse as days ear on for this phase….some real weather spectacles around…
18th Icy cold frost snow still on ground with risk of more showers mid day and evening some sun spells during the day could be freezing fogs and mists around by evening….EQ alert for next few days
19th Sunshine and showers mostly, slightly milder temps (but still cold) to allow slight thaw N W prevail but some south and easterly flows can add to the mix auguring unsettled conditions to arrive.
20th EQ seimicity still active some sunny spells today temps less sever, winter showers 2-4am and later at night from 23;00 when they can be prolonged
22nd Winter showers around from last night into early morning becoming intermittent. Strong winds around if not blizzards to some regions and these can be prevalent over next few days…. be on a weather alert for this weather before making unnecessary journeys…
23rd Very heavy downpours, this looks like more snow,  from early morning and prolonged, moving around UK bringing flash floods that hit the headlines due to overworked drains and overflow basins…..Expect a lot of precip in a short space of time to cause these floods…
25th Freezing again and some record lows achieved in parts of UK so roads will be icy and dangerous take care…..

Although it is possible to get consistently highly accurate forecasts using astrology I need to point out that any less than 100% accuracy is due to my own failings in having time or capacity to apply the rules of astrology rather than any flaws with the method of forecasting…….The above forecast was done in July so some of the icy conditions may not be as harsh as predicted given we are experiencing a much milder autumn than last year.

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

November 17, 2011 at 9:15 pm

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