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25th Nov -2nd December Weather Forecast W Yorks and yonder

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Some regions may see prolonged spells of precipitation as NW England and Scotland experienced the last time we had these weather factors from 17th May this year, when high speed gales raged as well…….I only have 80% confidence in this phase forecast due to wind charts not playing ball with moisture charts!

25th Freezing conditions with record lows could be too cold to rain but expect frosty ground with some sun spells for daytime. 26th Cold, frosty risk of icy showers in the afternoon but generally some sun spells as well. Could be blustery breezes for us as well
27th Some winter showers arrive from midnight to early this morning especially to western regions Freezing but dry and sunny day some icy air flows
28th Similar to yesterday but risk of icy showers late evening frosty conditions prevail overall.
29th Risk of showers before sunrise sunshine during the day
30th Misty or cloudy start risk of drizzle spells during day clearing by evening temps less severe but still icy
1st Daytime seems sunshine with cloud but evening there is likelihood of showery outbreaks heavy at times
2nd Returns to cold icy and quite frankly brass monkeys should beware….

Please remember these forecasts are long range, produced in July  using the very accurate system of astrology- astro meterology,  and any errors or inaccuracies are due to my own application of a very credible and ancient system of forecasting weather.
Read     for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to            
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visit  for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE  lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

November 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm

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