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FEEDBACK W Yorks and Yonder 25th Nov-2nd Dec 2011

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FEEDBACK 25th Nov-2nd Dec

Although I warned of only 80% confidence in this phase forecast I have to say it worked out better than I expected with Scotland getting hit by the gales and winds at Tay Bridge and Edinburgh closing roads. Scarborough and Whitby had flood warnings due to high tides flooding sea fronts on 26th and on 28th two weeks usual measure of rain fell in Firth of Clyde fulfilling my forecast for high levels of precipitation. Roads to Glasgow were blocked due to high levels of rain. By 29th very heavy rain was expected to hit the NW region as I anticipated it would in the intro to this phase forecast done in July this year.

Our region was less volatile being inland, but the winds did rage from 24th-29th taking a respite on 28th. Here is a breakdonw of daily events:-
25th Brought strong winds to our local streets at 1 09 am waking me up and sounding like an airoplane passing but a look out of the window saw a strong wind tunnel rolling down street throwing rain around as it passed by…. The day continued windy sun with cloud and showery around 1-2pm, heavy to light icy showers with some hail and sleet mixed in
26th A drizzly day, icy temps and windier by 7pm intermittent icy showers throughout, more shoery outbreaks than expected but generally not wrong for today and yesterday
27th Highly accurate a dry sunny day as forecast. very windy as well
28th Overcast am no winds today, icy cold temps with some sun spells, again a good forecast for today..the risk of icy showers didn’t arrive
29th Not happy about the forecast for today where we had very cold temps, this was correct, so was the sunhine for the morning, but by afternoon the weather deteriorated and we got intermittent showers, with a very dark sky by 2pm onwards and lights were needed indoors due to the darkening of the heavens above, very unusual. Blustery winds continued and brought rain and colder temps. Dry by evening but a heavier downpour and stronger winds by 8pm
30th Icy cold temps again, some evidence of frosting attempts overnight in shady areas, no outbreaks of showers though today, and winds less strong. (Severe windy weather warnings were out for Scotland again for today, winds with rain warnings for Tayside and Lothian borders)
1st Light frost from start of day, spit and spot attmept 9 30 am, dry with sunshine and nippy temps, less wind around today, more cloud later in eve.
2nd Same as yesterday with no breezes at all in the morning….some attempts at spray 9 30 am spits and spots, then again 13 30 ….quick showr in Bingley, cloudier pm after sunny morning

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

December 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm

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  1. For the moment, it does not stop raining in London, and the weather forecast for the first week of the tournament is very bad.

    Isabella Elmers z

    December 24, 2011 at 4:45 pm

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