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FEEDBACK Forecast 1st-16th January W Yorks and Yonder

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Feedback 1-9th January

First of all I seem to be 5 days out with my tornado forecast for these were reported for Southsea, Hainault and Clacton-on-Sea. but on 3rd January….
I was accurate for the static weather, thunder and lightening was for Wales at the outset so this was timed accurately. I was accurate for the no floods for W Yorks as no reports of transport routes or homes flooded, though N Yorks had a worse encounter with heavier precip for the phase, as did Wales and Scotland.
My forecast for a less severe outbreak of weather was off the mark as the gales were much more destructive to some regions than I forecast, though certainly the winds did reign from 1-9th as predicted. Also the blizzards I thought might arise did arrive.

Earthquakes for Japan were at Honshu on 8th ( 5.2), the Aus one was for Tonga and Kermadec ( 5.0+), not Timor, though there was one for KEPULAUAN MENTAWAI REGION, INDONESIA just north of Aus and Timor on 8th at 4.2, not as big as I expected, and on 9th to Solomon islands to east of Aus…so a lot of seismicity due to the eclipse at this region of the globe, just as we would expect and of a size I expect which was 6.6. I have also been updated by another astrologer telling me: ”A 7.3 in Sumatra (10th Jan) and a 4.3 in east Timor – Your scored the ball right through the hoop! Awesome”  Thanks Catherine!

Feedback 9th-16th January
9th Sunny start at sunrise, but clouds gather brining mizzly weather 9-10am winds around still strong at times but not as bad as last week.
10th sunny star but cloudier by 10-=11am alternate breezes and winds, strong at times. Cold temps, cloudy pm and mizzles around by 4pm with less wind.
11th Cloudy start intermittent mizzles for morning, with slight breeziness. Dry later but very strong winds by 8pm and into overnight, as forecast.
12th Brought a very cold start, but sunshine to brighten the day which was dry. Overnight 11/12th The strong winds were raging around coastal regionsparticularly the NE coast linesfor England and Scotland, but no damage seems to be reported.
13th Oh dear the snow sleet or blizzards, was frost, no precipitation so not a good forecast for toady which was glorious and sunny with only a few clouds around but some very icy temps which were forecast.
14th-16th lovely crisp sunny day with blue skies and very little cloud and icy temps and frost staying around till mid day keeping things frosty.
Sadly for this phase I only get a low 50-60% accuracy for though it was icy and the sun shone as forecast, it was clearly too cold for the snow I forecast, and the gloom I forecast for the 15th was freezing fogs that didn’t clear till late afternoon.

Lets see how well I do for the second half of January!>>>>

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January 16, 2012 at 2:04 pm

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