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Weather Forecast W Yorkshire and Yonder 16th-31st January

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16th-23rd January

Some blue skies with sunshine for some days interrupted with static icy outbursts of hail and sleet, and snow for some UK regions.. Some arctic lows arrive

producing mists and fogs in low lying areas.

16th Icy conditions with snow for high slopes, quick winter showers after a gloomy mid day, skies clearing by 6 pm but more winter hail and sleet showers likely and cloud by 8-9 pm static conditions will bring in some reports of lightening showers today/tomorrow for some regions of UK.
17th Temps milder than yesterday but some mists/fog and dullness to start of day, snow potential for south of our region, we get icy showers outbursts 6pm and 8pm approximately, depending on your locality as these are very localised outbursts, but sunshine around in the afternoon.
18th Icy, icy, icy start but some blue skies around sunrise, icy cold outbursts around mid day.  Freezing fog around by evening and winter snow and sleetshowers arrive late at night
19th Temps slightly milder here than yesterday, static outbursts for some regions, snow  on high ground with easterlies creating some unsettled conditions. Sun and cloud with unsettled outlook arriving from west. A blizzard outlook can develop today bringing heavy snowfall to some regions beyond ours especially on high ground.
20th Much the same as yesterday but temps more variable and fluctuating, some clearer skies but icy pockets, but a little warmth from sun, quick icy attempts at showers likely for some localities in our region.
21st Midnight 20th-21st clearer conditions arrive. Sun around with cloud during the day, but arctic lows as weather travels easterly, the evening looks to bring some clearer skies for us but that means temps plunge lower with no cloud cover to keep things warm so frost and ice on roads prevails. The arctic conditions could ward off snow falling in our region today but I can’t be 100% certain, for there is a snowy outlook operating for some areas of UK
22nd Less severe low temps and some sunshine around today. Westerlies begin to prevail after today, growing strong, gusty and nippy over next 24 hours, but temps seem to be less severe and icicles look likely to be keeping everyone entertained today and tomorrow… there could be some thaw to iced over waters….

23rd-31st January

Similar conditions prevailed 31st March 2012 when blizzards hit Lancashire and Ireland got 1 foot of snow in 10 minutes causing chaos, but some modifications exist this time around bringing some variations on the theme back then. Snow looks likely to hit John O Groats region and winter showers hit  SW Midlands with weather pulled from SE to NW from 26th and seismic outbursts a trend for this phase.

23rd Strong westerlies, high speed continue for a few more days with outlook gloomy and rainy from start of 23rd still showery by 6am, clearing for a sunnier outlook by morning. Quick icy showers could arrive by evening with temps seasonally cool.
24th Slightly milder temps today, cloud mists in the early morning sudden showery intervals also. Skies look a little clearer by 10- 11 am so some sun spells expected during the day. Cloud around late evening with snow for high regions likely late evening.
25th Icy winter showery outbreaks, potential for snow flurries for our region, but west of us is likely candidate for heavier outbreaks than we get. Temps cold. Should be some sun conditions by afternoon with skies looking much clearer by 11pm.
26th Very cold weather with more news of winter blizzards could combine sleet and snow. A cloudy morning but sun spells by late afternoon, late evening looks icy and frosty or crisp underfoot so take care while journeying.
27th Southerlies and some easterlies which can bring in muggy conditions along with daybreak mists and fogs. Sun with cloud fro 7 am cloudier by 5pm. Some very heavy winter showers moving across from SE to NW regions. Expect icy showery intervals till late evening continuing into early next day.
28th Windy, icy cold, with ice frst particularly on exposed ground where strong winds can blow N Westerly turning into high speed gusts at times. Sun with cloud by the afternoon, with temps variable today from freezing cold to less severe, clearer conditions by 7pm.

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