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FEEDBACK Weather W Yorks and Yonder 16th-31st January

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Feedback 16th-23rd January
The general description for the phase proved accurate with freezing temps causing continuation of lakes and watering places to ice over, and sunny days accompanying these icy lows till 18th. Snow was forecast to Northern Scotland by 21st and beyond but haven’t had time to catch up with their weather. Mists and freezing fogs also arrived 16-17th in our region.

16th sunny with icy lows fogs and mists by nightime,
17th same as yesterday but milder as forecast, with mists around from overnight, everything still frozen over.
18th slightly milder temps than yesterday it was mizzly in spells t/out the day and more mizzly by 9pm approx, didn’t noitice any fogs

or mists in my locality but perhaps there was some in the valleys, the mizzly spells did produce some haziness, but wouldn’t call this

mists or fog, so not a spot on forecast for today.
19th Everything thawed today reflecting my forecast for milder temps, it was breezy and cloudy with a little sun amongst cloudy

weather I forecast correctly. We got hail and rainy outbreaks by 3pm and again at 11pm so a pretty accurate forecast for today.
20th Mizzly cloudy overcast am strong breezes at night, similar day to yesterday as forecast, no icy attempts at rain broke out that I

21st. Very strong if not gale force winds some mizzle spells but mostly dry, no frost as forecast, so not accurate on temps side, and

failed to spot windy condition for today. But the TV mets did say snow for Northern parts of UK so this was an accurate bit of my

22nd Dry day but icy pockets very windy but not as strong blasts as yesterday. The thaw was much earlier than I forecast arrivng on

19th rather than today, must tweak the maths a bit in my calc prog! Got the sunshine right for today!!

I award myself 90-95% accuracy overall for this phase, must do better next time!
Feedback 23rd-31st Jan

Snow did arrive for Scotland as forecast with winter showers hitting the Midland area around Wales and northern parts of England.

23rd Some clouds sunny but icy, 9.30 am brought some spray spells for us, rather than the 6am forecast and breeziness prevailed

then a heavy shower by 12 30 pm. The strong westerlies not around just breeziness. Cloudy start rather than misty, but yes temps

were seasonally cool.
24th Rainy then mizzly then very mizzly by 1pm providing the showery intervals I forecast and it was misty by evening, and I didn’t

notice any sun spells, though fewer clouds were around before lunchtime it was overcast by afternon and evening.
25th Drier day with a hint of sunshine milder temps than yesterday with sporadic squally winds from 7pm gaining some strength by

10pm but not gale force here. The west were experiencing worse weather than us for today. Not a good forecast for today only 50%

26th A frosty start to the day. A sunny morning with some cloud around, icy temps reflects my very cold weather forecast ( news of

outbreaks to come for N and West regions but not for us) Cloudy by 11am. Sunny pm spattering of rain for 5 mins 3 40pm winds noisy and strong by 5pm, heavy rain by 6-7pm rainy again midnight. Blizzards for Scotland and N England ((% accurate
27th Sun with cloudy start, with frost or left over hail or sleet around by early morning. Quick shower 9 25 am, didn’t see any for 7am as I wasn’t able to weather watch at that time, sun plus cloudy pm and very cold temps, snow to some parts of the higher ground. 99% accurate!
28th Frosty start, dry day sunny 100% accurate
29th Frsoty start, some mists due to icy cold temps quick showers 8-9pm approx
30th Frosty start, cloudy and overcast day, less frosty temps than at weekend.
Apologies for not posting the forecast for 29/30th…just can’t get the staff these days!!

This forecast was 95+% accurate…..thank goodness, and it was done in October 2011!

Read the full winter 2012 season long range forecast at
or follow more in depth weather forecasting info at

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