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Feedback 1st-14th Feb 2012 W Yorks and Yonder Weather Forecast

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FEEDBACK 1-7th Feb
The north of England got the lowest temp for this phase by 6th when Yorkshire reported -8 I think, the lowest recorded temp so far for the season I believe, so this part of the forecast was accurate. The icy freezes were around with waters freezing over to W Yorks and yonder from 2nd. Snow arrived to the east from 1-2nd, none arrived here, so I was a little off the mark with the locality forecast, but acccurate with mists and fogs to our region by 6th. No mizzly weather here however, so not an accurate part of the forecast, but by 5th we did get constant though thin snowfall that was prolonged leaving 2 inches of cover for out locality and yonder.
I was correct with the forecast for sunshine for the 3rd which was glorious and sunny and for 5th -also sunny but cloudy by late evening. 6th-7th very accurate dry with sunshine around and cold pockets and some signs of breezes rustling through leaves, though no showery outbreaks on 6th. Fogs and mists arrived 4-5 pm on 7th, not much sun during the day and as forecast the night sky was clearer.
95% accuracy for this forecast.

Feedback 8- 14th Feb

Generally the mists and fog forecast was accurate but airlines seemed to be going alright from local airport, or no news came to my ears that they were struggling! Heathrow already experienced problems before this phase started. The conflicts of weather did arrive giving snow, frost, mists and mizzles and milder temps during the day from 8th onwards, but freezing cold at night. Motorists were encountering problems with icy oily greasy roads from the outset as forecast they would. . In Stoke people were experiencing rain turning to ice immediately it hit the pavement leaving many pedestrians injured as they slipped on the invisible dangers.
8th was cloudy but some sun spells to brighten us up and lakes remained frozen. Some mild breezes moved leaves on evergreens An accurate forecast for today.
9th was overcast and icy with rain and sleet coming down from the NW at 10 10 am, only light cover for 5-10 mins, then heavier precip from 11 am for aobut one hour, mostly sleet but some dusting of snow to branches on trees. Misty pm with drizzle frosty icy overnight reminded us of November as promised. A 90% accurate forecast for today, didn’t notice any sudden gusty weather…but then I was asleep perhaps when they arrived! Temps got milder today during the day.
10th Thick overnight frost and light dusting from very early morning still lying around, an icy misty start and a frosty evening. Temps were milder during the day today and on 11th and snow began thawing a little during the day time.
11th Frosty start and it was a gloomy day as forecast with no sun coming through at all, very little snow left by evening but dampness filling the air. Didn’t notice any showers around mid day…did you?
12th Overcast and milder temps around than earlier in the week but the lake is still frozen, but smaller ponds and water areas are thawed.
13th Milder temps, dry day but overcast. Sun beginning to breakthrough a little by 4-5pm. Some breeziness making branches sway.No precipitation at all, so this forecast only 80% accurate for these two days!!

For the full Winter season forecast published December 2011 visit or visit

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