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Feedback W Yorks and Yonder Weather Feb 14th-29th

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Oh dear, the only rain to the east for 14th was a tiny amount passing over Bridlington and surrounding areas, and that was so light with no floods from previous phase—happily. But this did put my forecast to shame. I did see the high front coming down from Foroyar where my charts showed it forming, but I didn’t expect it to block the precipitation, though clearly it is good that no floods arrived; but a learning curve for future reference and I think looking at Spring now the experience will come in handy. 14th turned out to be cloudy and a little breezy, but dry and temps much milder now that the moon has gone south taking the cold air with it. Some areas like Wales had some light snowfall apparently, but not enough to write home about.
15th We got a lovely sunny morning with just a few clouds around and mild temps continuing, with some ice on large water areas, but defrosting of them continues. Some cheeky sporadic breezes keep branches swaying. 16th we didn’t get gales but blustery winds blowing trees around and some ice ledges evidenced the icy outlook continuing as forecast, some spray arrived also which I hadn’t foreseen. 17th gave some sun spells  with pathways and road stil wet from precip of yesterday so stil a lot of damp air around. 18th as forecast 19th gave a  cloudy start and even the met warned of rain for the weekend but theweather gave a hint of spring with sunshine showery stuff  didn’t arrive it turned out lovely and sunny. 20th as forecast

FEEDBACK 21st Feb-1st March
The overview was highly accurate apart from wind reaching gale force though certainly they were a bit wild by 26 and 27th but mostly overnight which seems to have been a pattern so far this winter.
21 Sun with cloud milder temps rather than the icier ones I foecast with sporadic windy outbreaks. Dry with sun spells 85% accurate
22 Rainy till 9am very blustery winds strong at times some sun spells mid day with some spray outbreaks arriving Some precip arrived very early morning as forecast temps mod so 100% accurate for today
23 Exactly as forecast
24th Still rainy from previous ight sun between fast moving cloud winds still fairly strong but a dry day lovely sunny pm, cold temps 100% accuracy
25th glorious am but cold temps strong blustery winds 5pm onwards 95% accurate no mists that I noticed in my locality
26th fair and dry day some sun spells, windy outbreaks strong at times average to cool temps.
By 27th this forecast for our region was posted by netweather ”’Although the UK is sure to be proclaimed as hotter than plenty of random places in the media this week, despite being unseasonably mild – it is still colder than Florida”
Yep Netweather we are colder than Florida and the temps are cool today!!! That’s the problem with all those mets being under pressure to pull a rabbit out of a hat, they just pull out any statistic in order to prove some record has been broken this year- last years- sometimes never…….and to think astrologers get all the bad press for scaremongering…..27th was cold damp and gloomy with some sporadic mizzly drizzly and windy intervals……and a friend sent me news of another hit with an EQ as forecast…”Great call on the seismic this past week. A 4.7 in France on Feb 26th You nailed it exactly.” Thanks Stephanie for the heads up….I wonder if there might be a bigger one around by 1st though???
27th turned into a mizzly drizzly day not good for anything outdoors but not a major rainy event….winds did get sporadically wild and windy but not gale strength in our region I don’t think…
28th Yes a more settled day with no precip during the day although ground still wet from perhaps a continued mizzle overnight into very early hours. Temps moderate. Outlook overcast today.

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