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Weather Froecast W Yorks and Yonder 1st-15th March

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1st-8th March 2012
Thunderstorms and lightening are signalled during this phase, with spring temps warming up a little to boost hopes of better weather to come….Some mistiness expected for 6-8th and strong winds from outset with Market Harborough region likely to experience on 5th, some unusual if not record breaking weather, near tornado type wind activity or wind clashes are prevalent during this phase. There is a promise of a little good outdoor weather but this could quickly change leaving you exposed to some rapid changes that catch you out, so be warned that nothing is to be left for granted weather wise…mistiness can arise 6-8th but clearer outlook afterwards…..

1st Strong winds expected with easterly flows in the mix, temps moderate with some cool pockets coming downslope by the evening,  mistiness around cloud and some lightening or static outburst expected for today, icy showers if not hail by 11pm also. Outlook is seismic for today +/- 2-3 days.

2nd N westerlies around strong at times, some variable mix of winds produce easterly and southerly clashes as well, squally winds expected. Temps vary from cool to moderate but much cooler by evening, a very unsettled outlook again, with risk of more static outbursts by evening. Showers look to be localised and scattered 7-9pm short and sharp but heavy at times. Some sunshine with cloud, but no guarantees…

3rd Mod temps but some cold pockets around especially in exposed high places, broody southerlies around today and tomorrow, sun, cloud, wind and rain expected, a kind of all weather outlook

4th Variable winds strong at time, strong easterlies to start with, followed by strong westerlies whizzing about, SE by afternoon and SW by evening. Cloudy, but sun at the start of the day, misty showery outlook overall, with conditions a bit murkier to the west of our W Yorks region, looks like some clearer outlook for us by 8pm, but don’t hold your breath…a quick showery outbreak could also arrive at this time too….

5th This day heralds sudden weather changes and static outbursts with intermittently strong NW winds likely, and cold pockets around in spite of some warming trends as sun gains strength. Better outlook by mid day with some sunshine around and warmth if sun gets out….

6th Cold from very early but milder later. Mists arrive today but also milder temps, with cloud around for the most part during the day. Can’t see much sun but I could be wrong…this is a cold November day today…

7thMuch milder today with a spring outlook developing should remain dry with some sun attempts to let us know the earth is quickening and summer is on its long journey into the northern hemisphere… Should stay dry but breezy

8th The bad weather travels NW to SE today and a clear outlook with sunshine expected…….
8th-15th March
Time allowed only a brief tour for this phase. So not a daily forecast unfortunately…

Mostly a dry phase but there will be reports of t/storms for some UK regions, we may be lucky and avoid such outbreaks locally. The phase looks mostly dry and spring like with warming temps to bring out plant growth but some strong winds at time predominantly westerly, remainig breezy in between the strong bouts of windy weather.
Rain is most noteable on 9th and 14th and some rumblings of t/storms likely 14th-16th as spring continues its journey into the northern hemishpere. 11-12th is when temperatures will rise but this leads to static oubreaks in days afterwards depending where you are in the UK

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