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FEEDBACK W Yorks Weather and Yonder 1st-15th March

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My weather buddy reported that the windy weather was out to the west peninusular and I found I had been using a wrongly timed chart for the winds for this phase, this is the first time this has happened in 9 years, so I do apologise, it has never happened before and hopefully will never happen again.

1st some hazy and mists around mild but still blocking full sunshine, though some sunny outcome later in afternoonCONTINUE
2nd The sun never seemed to get out of the haze today so my forecast for this type of eather was on the ball. No preicpiation(CHECK) for morning precip??)
3rd was an all weather day with some breeziness around but only in fits and starts, rainy spells interrupted by sunny or clearer spells t/out the day and night and the temps were a little cooler than previous days. Still some haziness but mild.
4th SNOW 10 43 am for us after a rainy start to the day. Temps much cooler than yesterday, no wind at all today……mistiness to distance still obtains…
5th lovely sunny day but cold…no static outburst here…mild breeze later in day.
6th as forecast, but some mild frost to region overnight, very cold day and sun did shine! Breezy by pm (met says SSW at 8mph!!!) didn’t feel like it!
7th a drizzly mistly rainy start with cold temps and breezes mostly westerly according to the met….a little stronger than yesterdays breeze and up to 40mph gusty to some areas
8th overcast am and dry day, only a little sun and cold to icy temps—so not a good forecast for sunshine for today…so sorry!!

FEEDBACK 8th-15th March
A very accurate forecast with rain on 9th as forecast and better weather from 11th, with strong breezy conditions on 9-10th. No rain on 14th but there is still time for some spatterings to arrive, but curently warm and sunny after cloudy hazy start…….will it arrive as forecast after today? Read my next feedback at end of March…..

Read for the full season forecast, and Spring season is already posted if you want to plan ahead…Summer is nearly ready to post to keep coming back to find out what awaits us in the summer season….go to  if you would like to know more about the growth of astrometeorology down the centuries…

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