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Weather forecast to end of August W Yorks and Yonder

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24th-31st August

I expect t/storms and rain, with most likely dates for us to be 24th and 28th but also some good outdoor weather as well with sunshine. Springs and streams in the region should be at capacity offsetting the drought conditions other regions may be experiencing. Winds are westerly for the first half, gustier by 25/26th, turning NW by 28th and easterly for 29th/30th, strong and blustery at times, especially to the NW for 28/29th.
Cast your mind back to the equinox week when we had a t/storm for 17th March, but some lovely if blustery breezy conditions following the precipitation. A similar outlook for this phase, but a rule of thumb is the better weather arrives mid day to midnight so plan outdoor activity for then to try and beat the weather blues as they waft over…

24th Increased humidity and cloud around if not mistiness and haze, could be static outbursts as well before 2pm. Finer outlook by 9-10pm but don’t get lulled into a feeling of great weather tomorrow…
25th This is the most likely day for rain to blot the weather outlook with humidity and cloud around as well as haze to lowlands near watery places, but rain looks set to cover most of the UK today so plan some indoor activity for the kids…
26th More static and hazy conditions and some mugginess, but some warmth around as well and there should be some sunshine for some in our region, but some mists could hover for some localities.
27th Should be more settled with sunshine and outdoor weather summery but seasonally ave temps, cooler to north, some cold pockets to exposed areas.
28th t/storm outbreak potential for today, but not to worry I don’t expect the rain stop play all day and night, and once it has gone we get better days ahead. Currently timefields for most likely occurrence are 3 am approx, and 8-9 and the weather gets warmer during the mid morning with sunshine and colder pockets around late afternoon, some milder temps for evening. The north and NW look to be encountering stronger windy weather around this date.
29th a cool day but lovely and sunny and this outlook should continue over next few days….with some easterly breezes around turning NW and gusty westerly by 31st when temps should be milder. 30th looks cool.

Apologies for any errors in this forecast write up but I still have to decode the amazing anomalies in this environment that prevent me from being able to transfer from one notepad to another. Also I have had serial problems trying to upload my usual photos so apologies if none show up for this one.

I wont be posting feedback for August due to time and work constraints, so apologies for those who return regularly to read these, though I am pleased to say the forecasts were on target and accurate. Sadly I notice that TV regional forecasts seem to be getting vaguer for our locality which is why my forecasts are even more essential than ever.

I am unable to post the Autumn season forecast at this stage, but hopefully normal service will be resumed by the end of September.

Enjoy the rest of summer and as forecast in February this year I expect a late Autumn so make hay while summer continues, though of course we have had some of the washouts I expected!

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

August 29, 2012 at 7:21 am

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