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Successful Forecast So Far For Winter 2012-13

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You can be forgiven for thinking I have given up posting my amazing weather forecasts due to a season off forecasting for Autumn 2012.

Apologies to all my followers, though I did explain I would be taking a season out due to other pressures.

It may be that taking a season out of forecasting made me even more successful after coming back with a fresh mind for our winter weather. I am astounded at the higher success rate I am achieving for this forecast. It is turning out to be my most accurate one ever, and is making me determined to continue using the ancient science of astrology to continue with the wonderful process of using the rules of planets, as defined by centuries of renowned scientists and astrologers and star watchers from Pliny to Kepler, Dr Goad to Pearce up to the present day when a whole team of astro-meteorologists around the globe out- forecast the met on a day to day basis, and continue to wonder why it is that trillions of pounds of satellite technology and huge salaries and expensive offices are still producing poorer results than a team of astrologers can deliver…..

I had thought I had posted my Winter forecast on this blog as well as my other blog and website, but still, I will refer you to so you can still read ahead to March and catch up or plan your outdoor events.

I have already completed my Spring 2013 forecasts and am already working on the charts for Summer 2013 so we can all do without relying on what the weather might or not be according to the met who can only forecast for a week or day ahead, whilst I am ready to plan all my spring and soon summer away days due to the amazingly accurate system of knowing what the weather will be like months ahead, even years ahead using the brilliant technology of the planets and the rules they obey to bring in weather outcomes that we can discern long range without the need to look through a camera for it as it arrives.

I can’t write follow up weather forecasting results  on this blog as I did in previous seasons, due to lack of labour force or a nice government salary, but using the natural satellite technology above, without adding to global pollution, I can at least bring you more forecasts for the seasons ahead and you can read these as they get posted. ( Though I can add that the forecast I made so far for Winter 2013 needed no reporting with hindsight as so far it has proven uncannily accurate for every day….)

Spring season will be posted within the week ahead, and summer season will follow in the next few weeks….so stay connected…..

Do read more about the history of astro meteorology at

Read the full Winter 2013 Forecast for West Yorkshire and Yonder at:-

Sign up for forecasts to be sent to your door by subscribing to this blog…..cheers

Winter Weather Astro meteorology

Winter Weather Astro meteorology

Weather Forecast 1st-14th March 2012 W Yorks and Yonder

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14th-21st Feb
The worst of the floods should be coming over and I expect many areas to be affected by this heavy precipitation which will see heavy amounts fall in a short space of time helping February match if not beat its record set for England and Wales in 1848.
A weather system moves down from the Isle of Foroyar to NW Scotland from 14th, and is followed by a cold icy weather flow forming off the S E coast of Iceland bringing some cold icy conditions to northern highlands travelling S Easterly down Great Britain for this phase.

14th Rain will be travelling eastwards and flood warnings continue, some in our region from yesterday, some static outbursts and lightening could accompany this flow with drains overflowing and roads affected. Cool temps with some cold pockets around. Some sunshine with cloud during the day.

15th N Westerlies around today, strong at times, mild to mod temps for season, some sunshine around but rain expected by 7-8pm

16th  mod temps during the day but icy by night time, cloud with sunshine winds NW can be strong and speedy and lashing, gales likely.

17th Some gloom fogs and mists before sunrise clearer by 7 am, cold outlook but bluer sky  outlook  by 9 am with sunshine arriving auguring a nice sunny day mild temps a little cloud around and some southerly intrusions into the less active whippy westerlies bringing in some cloud for the evening.

18th Expect early morning showers, clouds and mists around from night before, some cool temps but clear skies with sunshine during the day. Strong if not high speed winds expected by today, very unsettled conditions prevail with clear skies soon clouding over then clearing again.

19th Variable temps today, some sunshine, variable winds, mists and mizzly evening weather, followed by more very heavy  rain 7pm approx.

20th Clearer skies today, after a misty muggy start, with a cold nippy outlook during the day, zippy westerlies strong at times, and rain coming over to the south western parts of UK today.

21st Dry but icy pockets mingle with some mild to mod temps in sunshine. Cloudy by evening with rain to west leaving us dry.

21st Feb -1st March 2012

Outlook is for some fine weather interrupted by scattered showery intervals, temps look mostly moderate for the season but some icy pockets around. Some windy weather expected with strong if not gales for us by 26th. I don’t expect high levels of precipitation to reach flood capacity, in  fact many winter showers look light if frequent, but 26th-27th looks to bring  heavier rain but this will clear the air and provide refreshing conditions that make even a wet walk in the wood seem uplifting, though the strong winds might make it a little risky in case of dead branches being blown off…..
Seismic conditions herald a large EQ for end of this phase, and 1st is likely time with Spain, SE of Madrid and France looking to be affected.

21st As already outlined in previous phase, I expect winter showers to be travelling over here in the morning and moving over to eastern parts by afternoon leaving chilly temps in their wake, some little warmth in sun but mostly cold with southerlies and some easterlies around. Some mistiness and cloud around by evening in valleys and especially to regions to the east of W Yorks.

22nd Icy showers before sunrise and mid afternoon, clouds around clearing by 9 pm some sunshine breaks during the day, temps seasonally moderate, breeziness prevails with air currents strong to the easterly quarter.

23rd Quick spartan icy showery along with sunny outbreaks 9am and later in day, not long lasting,  gusty westerly windy weather continues into today, fair temps around  but icy showers keep things wintry. By 9pm still windy, fair outlook and still showery outbreaks which continue to be localised and scattered until next morning.

24th Sun with cloud by late morning should remain drier today but a strong northerly keeps temps cool

25th A sunny and bright day, though winter sleet showers around 10 am expected. Cold temps as strong northerlies give way to  some winds westerly, strong  and gusty from the outset but these turn to south westerlies by 2 pm, and will build to stronger outburst as day progresses Mists and cloud by 8pm.

26th-27th Cooler temps,  strong windy weather that can bring gale strengths into play, 7 am on 26th brings showery conditions with more cloud forming by 1pm more rainy outbreaks overnight into 27th when intermittent rainy spells refresh the air but keep things wet wet wet. Some south easterlies coming in on 27th also

28th Should be more settled outlook, moderate temps winds can still be brisk.
29th Quick showers expected around 9 am,  temps icy lots of cold pockets rolling down from north and a frosty outlook highly likely by evening.  Winds gusty North Westerly strong and speedy at times. Some sunshine expected for today.
1st March Temps moderate for season during the day but frosty cold at night winds variable but very strong and high speed at times, showery outbreaks from 2am and again risk of more by 10pm

Weather forecast W Yorks and Yonder 1-14th February 2012

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31st Jan – 7th Feb

Some dominating high seasonal temps with lows to Scotland and northern England, westerlies arriving to confirm the outlook. Some misty conditions and showery outlook to the west of UK and unsettled temps make it difficult to predict outcomes for this phase weather wise so far ahead. There’s a lot of contradictory signals weather wise with some icy low freezes offset by some dull, showery, mizzly conditions and a tendency for temperatures to thwart a constant that helps forecast the outcome. I do expect some good outdoor weather though on some days probably the first two days and then for the second half. The first half is dominated by some highly variable conditions that could lead into prolonged heavy winter showers overnight 1st-2nd, with some flood alerts showing for some UK regions and I’m only sorry I never get time to do all the necessary charts to readily locate and follow the weather trends throughout the UK

31st shows some localised quick icy showery outbreaks some sun during the day with late evening mists and mizzles, and cold pockets. Snow or frost not unlikely either, but the air should feel clear if not invigorating.
1st Feb some quick showers lead to a sunny day cloud forming by evening along with more mizzle or quick showery outbursts by 10pm Strong westerlies look likely to break over the west of us and could reach here, temps cool to moderate and varying. I expect some prolonged rainy outbursts as mentioned above from late tonight till tomorrow

2nd The rain could continue from last night until a final shower outburst lasting 2-3pm. Southerlies combine with easterlies echoing the forecast for the unsettled weather.

3rd  Cool to moderate variable temp conditions sunshine with cloud during the day and a quick shower potential around 4 pm with some more cloud around late evening. breeziness could arise also

4th-5th I expect today and tomorrow to be a little more settled with some sunshine and warmer temps especially with sun around to cheer everyone up, cold temps on high places and in sheltered areas. More cloud around by 8pm on 5th

6th-7th A dry day, sunshine and cloud clearing enough  to allow some blue skies, cold pockets, breezy sudden spurts of NW winds lower temps in high places with potential for snow on high ground a few flutters here not beyond the bounds of expectation. Some localised icy winter shower outbreaks by evening approx clearer outlook after 6pm. Exposed regions will have some strong pockets of wind blowing downslopes, gusty at times.
8th-14th Feb
This phase brings a long ranging change from fair to not so good from halfway through. Overall the mists and dull weather remind us of November’s mists and mugginess as we move towards Valentine’s Day! Temps will be variable damp air can be a little cloying if not oppressive particularly the by the 9th onwards with prolonged precipitation likely from late on 12th into early hours of 13th raising water levels in some rivers and we can expect a warning of disruption to travel as a result. Mists and fog, mizzly muggy outlook for second half can also interfere with air travel as well.
Again I’m looking at some conflicting evidence for weather, some of which dictates snow and frost, others that forecast mistiness, mizzles and milder temps that deny a snowy or icy outlook so a difficult weather chart to be confident of for this phase, but I do expect the prolonged precipitation on 12-13th and I also expect at least one if not more river to burst its banks and create problems for motorists from the outset, air travel will also be affected by fogs and mists at some airports particularly for the second half of this phase.

6-7th as previously described
8th Cold start with frosts mists or even snow around in high places, but sunshine brightens up the middle part of the day, with temps growing moderate, but colder by evening when cloudy skies are around.
9th-10th Mists and fog around, some scattered often localised hail and sleet or winter showers with temps variable, climbing slightly higher on 10th but the outlook is increasingly unsettled. Cold to frosty conditions at night with southerlies clashing with cold northerlies and gusty westerlies trying to sort out the weather, but not succeeding, by late 10th. Temps can be unusually mild for this time of year but the air will be a little oppressive as a result.

11th Showers likely around mid day, some sun could break through later afternoon, but more gloom around by evening. Humidity levels are high…
12-13th Oppressive air rules and damp conditions can be chilly with muggy, misty mizzly conditions expected to culminate in prolonged if not abnormal precipitation from tonight into early morning on 13th, not nice conditions for these two days, though sun may breakthrough clouds late on 13th when easterlies prevail

FEEDBACK Weather W Yorks and Yonder 16th-31st January

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Feedback 16th-23rd January
The general description for the phase proved accurate with freezing temps causing continuation of lakes and watering places to ice over, and sunny days accompanying these icy lows till 18th. Snow was forecast to Northern Scotland by 21st and beyond but haven’t had time to catch up with their weather. Mists and freezing fogs also arrived 16-17th in our region.

16th sunny with icy lows fogs and mists by nightime,
17th same as yesterday but milder as forecast, with mists around from overnight, everything still frozen over.
18th slightly milder temps than yesterday it was mizzly in spells t/out the day and more mizzly by 9pm approx, didn’t noitice any fogs

or mists in my locality but perhaps there was some in the valleys, the mizzly spells did produce some haziness, but wouldn’t call this

mists or fog, so not a spot on forecast for today.
19th Everything thawed today reflecting my forecast for milder temps, it was breezy and cloudy with a little sun amongst cloudy

weather I forecast correctly. We got hail and rainy outbreaks by 3pm and again at 11pm so a pretty accurate forecast for today.
20th Mizzly cloudy overcast am strong breezes at night, similar day to yesterday as forecast, no icy attempts at rain broke out that I

21st. Very strong if not gale force winds some mizzle spells but mostly dry, no frost as forecast, so not accurate on temps side, and

failed to spot windy condition for today. But the TV mets did say snow for Northern parts of UK so this was an accurate bit of my

22nd Dry day but icy pockets very windy but not as strong blasts as yesterday. The thaw was much earlier than I forecast arrivng on

19th rather than today, must tweak the maths a bit in my calc prog! Got the sunshine right for today!!

I award myself 90-95% accuracy overall for this phase, must do better next time!
Feedback 23rd-31st Jan

Snow did arrive for Scotland as forecast with winter showers hitting the Midland area around Wales and northern parts of England.

23rd Some clouds sunny but icy, 9.30 am brought some spray spells for us, rather than the 6am forecast and breeziness prevailed

then a heavy shower by 12 30 pm. The strong westerlies not around just breeziness. Cloudy start rather than misty, but yes temps

were seasonally cool.
24th Rainy then mizzly then very mizzly by 1pm providing the showery intervals I forecast and it was misty by evening, and I didn’t

notice any sun spells, though fewer clouds were around before lunchtime it was overcast by afternon and evening.
25th Drier day with a hint of sunshine milder temps than yesterday with sporadic squally winds from 7pm gaining some strength by

10pm but not gale force here. The west were experiencing worse weather than us for today. Not a good forecast for today only 50%

26th A frosty start to the day. A sunny morning with some cloud around, icy temps reflects my very cold weather forecast ( news of

outbreaks to come for N and West regions but not for us) Cloudy by 11am. Sunny pm spattering of rain for 5 mins 3 40pm winds noisy and strong by 5pm, heavy rain by 6-7pm rainy again midnight. Blizzards for Scotland and N England ((% accurate
27th Sun with cloudy start, with frost or left over hail or sleet around by early morning. Quick shower 9 25 am, didn’t see any for 7am as I wasn’t able to weather watch at that time, sun plus cloudy pm and very cold temps, snow to some parts of the higher ground. 99% accurate!
28th Frosty start, dry day sunny 100% accurate
29th Frsoty start, some mists due to icy cold temps quick showers 8-9pm approx
30th Frosty start, cloudy and overcast day, less frosty temps than at weekend.
Apologies for not posting the forecast for 29/30th…just can’t get the staff these days!!

This forecast was 95+% accurate…..thank goodness, and it was done in October 2011!

Read the full winter 2012 season long range forecast at
or follow more in depth weather forecasting info at

18th December -1st January 2012 Long Range Weather Forecast for W Yorkshire and Yonder

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18th Some N Westerlies active icy temps, winter snow showers highly likely with snow bearing cloud coming over but some sunshine around between         showers.
19th Fogs/mists around especially in low lying valleys, clearing mid morning but returning late evening combining with nebulous breezy twirls.
20th Frosty or foggy outlook. Snow clouds again from very early in the morning could bring more wintry fall during afternoon, clearer skies around mid day                some mists fog by evening and S Easterlies flows for us with poorer weather to the W and SW of the country.
21st S Easterlies unsettle the outlook and bring scattered winter showers and more snow for high ground. Frosty start with sudden hail or sleet outbursts  from          7-8 am for our region clearer skies with    some sun mid day, and potential for snow flurries  mid afternoon and evening coming in from over western                  regions.
22nd Icy cold outlook brings in some mists and fogs, very unsettled outlook for today for sure, but some sun outbreaks can keep us optimistic for better days               ahead. There will be ice around but also some thawing during daytime so take care of slippery conditions when travelling.
23rd N Westerlies, strong at times, clear away some of gloom and better conditions begin to arrive with sunshine but cold temps during the day. Fogginess                  around overnight 23/24th
24th Some fair outdoor weather again conditions similar to yesterday but N Westerlies turn into some southerlies  making it moist and cooler to North UK,         slightly more temperate to S England. Could be a few quick ice sleet or snow outbursts in the afternoon coming in from the West.  Looks like we get some sunshine also to herald Christmas Day.
22nd for this phase is cold enough to snow and heralds a few days to follow that are lovely sunny, cold with the bluest of skies…get your camera out…but freezing fog outbreaks could arrive in the evening and overnight with icy or oily conditions on roads and footpaths.
24th December -1st January
This is a Full Moon for Christmas day and on such a day we can generally expect the daytime to be fairer with any poorer weather arriving at night.

Everyone wants to know if it will snow on Christmas Day and in October I was in the local BBC radio studios with one of the TV mets who was asked to say whether snow would arrive today. No answer arrived, and I had to say we both wouldn’t expect snow in Leeds on Christmas Day as it is a highly unusual occurrence. However, I also said I hadn’t yet done the charts for this time of year and now that I have……..well I’m not so sure!

Certainly there is some white stuff around from the start and that is likely a leftover from the previous phase. Some snow can be seen to be forming off the coast of SW Iceland on 24th and definitely heading our way, it’s likely to hit NW Scotland by 25th so they are the lucky ones. or not…! It could arrive here by the afternoon on 25th.. so Santa Klaus looks like sending us a nice timely white gift wrapping…or not if I’m way off the mark. I am 100% sure this is snow arriving however, by the time it reaches us in the afternoon the sun could be strong enough to turn it into sleet or rainy weather, so don’t hold your breath….I only give a 95% forecast that it will snow in Leeds on Christmas Day, and do wish I could be more certain.

25th Brings potential for snow flurries  around 3. 45 am , then again another try  around  10 30 am, with cloud/mists in valleys but clearer skies by afternoon with sunshine and some southerly flows around. By around 20:15 it is likely that winter snows hail and sleet showers will be around to West and N West of England

26th Some sun and cloud in the morning, mists in low lying areas, clearer skies  by 5-6pm. Southerlies are still active but temps take a plunge when N Easterlies join in the affray and snow likely again today localised and scattered late evening 22:00 approx. Boxing Day can often be a sunny outdoor day and this looks set to follow the pattern..

27th Potential for snow to continue falling into the early hours 1 am onwards this morning leaving a cold frosty outlook to start the day, sunshine likely by late morning with temps less cold than previous day

28th No precipitation expected here, and it should clear to be a sunny day with some N Westerlies around

29th Slightly milder temps but similar to yesterday some  S Easterlies which often make the atmosphere a little muggy.

30th Some frostiness with a quick sharp showery micro and localised outlook potential for mid afternoon, cold nippy temps Strong winds, though variable at times, for the next three days mostly NW clearing the atmosphere.

31st Showery from around 4pm with winds as described yesterday intermittent rain throughout is likely.
1st January 2012 More moderate temps with sunshine during the day but windy conditions as described on 30th.

My FULL Weather Forecast for the 2012 Winter Season is now uploaded onto my website and is also produced on my blog at


Feedback 10-18th December

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FEEDBACK 10th-18th December

To be honest this forecast was so accurate I am not going to waste time writing up results that will only show… accurate the forecast was, the forecast says exactly what weather came our way……and I forecast it in July! Who says astrology can’t predict the weather?
The blizzards I promised for the 16th hit the north of us on the day I said they would potentially break out, hitting the Midlands, as well as Scotland and the North west as well as Wales bringing snowy outbreaks, but we missed out on all the excitement, though some snowy attempts hit us and icy pavements ensured we had to walk carefully and traffic had to watch their speed on icy roads.

Read for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to
Read to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit … for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

10-18th December Weather forecast West Yorkshire and Yonder

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10-18th December


Just a reminder that my forecast for Autumn weather was done long range  in July this year using the ancient system of astro meteorology, used in possibly prehistoric times when earthlings first started tabulating lunar phases on reindeer horns to keep
ack of the seasons.


Unsettled conditions again fogs and mist around probably freezing…some frost and snow still lying around from last phase. 10th could be too cold for the snow to arrive as forecast……..but if it does then mid day is likely time to expect it. Temps plunge even further so wrap up warmly

11th Some freezing mists and fog potential across valleys clearer skies by evening but icy weather, snow looks to be arriving to North of Scotland coming down from the Arctic area….Bbbrrrrr….. and is travelling south
12th Cold, mist even drizzle and mizzle frost or snow late at night with transport routes struggling to do their job especially to NW Scotland
13th Icy hail sleet and rain arrive by late morning looks like blizzards are likely for some UK regions….North and West most likely to be affected……..Wet day generally potential for more snow attempts late afternoon, but clearer skies by late evening but this means cold and icy conditions on the road….
14th Clearer skies, sunny some southerlies bringing in changing conditions turning south early later gusty by 15th
15th Intermittent outbreaks after a frosty start, short showery spells coming in with S Easterlies some thawing likely late afternoon but temps create potential for more snow to arrive….cold enough to snow…..
16th Looks like more snow for 17 35 temps icy though but right for snow late afternoon eve and winds turn South westerly strong at times with potential for more blizzards
17th continues unsettled showery from 1-3 am and sunny spells later freezing cold winds northerly and nippy
18th Winter showers after 4 am more travel disruptions expected………………

Read     for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to            
Read    to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit …                          for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE  lessons in weather forecasting and lots of

free book downloads with much more..

W Yorks and Beyond Weather forecast 2nd Dec-10th

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2nd December-10th
Oh what a shame it isn’t May 2010 when these significations brought fab hot weather….dream on……..if you thought the weather was cold ……then you need to wise up to the Siberian conditions I expect to come our way….but my sheepskin boots should now come in handy….My note say ARCTIC for 5th….
Brief tour, expect snow…I do…..At outset snow already lying on ground frost for some regions if not snow, and this will be added to significantly for 4th and 7th when  there looks to be more risk of heavy snowfall……
2nd Nice day after snow/frost early morning
3rd Too cold for anything should be sunny though
4th Heavy snow expected
5th Arctic conditions reign
6th Bright day freezing cold
7th Frosty or snowy start, heavy snow likely by mid morning, some easterlies kicking in
Snow looks to be moving west from 7th some northerlies add to cold on 9th more snow and icy conditions possible on 10th……..wrap up warm, buy a sled, get the ice skates out  and enjoy the outdoor life………some lovely skies around in spite of the ice and snow…..
Read     for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to           
Read    to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit  for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE  lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..



Written by tricia astro meteorologist

December 2, 2011 at 5:39 pm

FEEDBACK W Yorks and Yonder 25th Nov-2nd Dec 2011

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FEEDBACK 25th Nov-2nd Dec

Although I warned of only 80% confidence in this phase forecast I have to say it worked out better than I expected with Scotland getting hit by the gales and winds at Tay Bridge and Edinburgh closing roads. Scarborough and Whitby had flood warnings due to high tides flooding sea fronts on 26th and on 28th two weeks usual measure of rain fell in Firth of Clyde fulfilling my forecast for high levels of precipitation. Roads to Glasgow were blocked due to high levels of rain. By 29th very heavy rain was expected to hit the NW region as I anticipated it would in the intro to this phase forecast done in July this year.

Our region was less volatile being inland, but the winds did rage from 24th-29th taking a respite on 28th. Here is a breakdonw of daily events:-
25th Brought strong winds to our local streets at 1 09 am waking me up and sounding like an airoplane passing but a look out of the window saw a strong wind tunnel rolling down street throwing rain around as it passed by…. The day continued windy sun with cloud and showery around 1-2pm, heavy to light icy showers with some hail and sleet mixed in
26th A drizzly day, icy temps and windier by 7pm intermittent icy showers throughout, more shoery outbreaks than expected but generally not wrong for today and yesterday
27th Highly accurate a dry sunny day as forecast. very windy as well
28th Overcast am no winds today, icy cold temps with some sun spells, again a good forecast for today..the risk of icy showers didn’t arrive
29th Not happy about the forecast for today where we had very cold temps, this was correct, so was the sunhine for the morning, but by afternoon the weather deteriorated and we got intermittent showers, with a very dark sky by 2pm onwards and lights were needed indoors due to the darkening of the heavens above, very unusual. Blustery winds continued and brought rain and colder temps. Dry by evening but a heavier downpour and stronger winds by 8pm
30th Icy cold temps again, some evidence of frosting attempts overnight in shady areas, no outbreaks of showers though today, and winds less strong. (Severe windy weather warnings were out for Scotland again for today, winds with rain warnings for Tayside and Lothian borders)
1st Light frost from start of day, spit and spot attmept 9 30 am, dry with sunshine and nippy temps, less wind around today, more cloud later in eve.
2nd Same as yesterday with no breezes at all in the morning….some attempts at spray 9 30 am spits and spots, then again 13 30 ….quick showr in Bingley, cloudier pm after sunny morning

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

December 2, 2011 at 5:30 pm

25th Nov -2nd December Weather Forecast W Yorks and yonder

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Some regions may see prolonged spells of precipitation as NW England and Scotland experienced the last time we had these weather factors from 17th May this year, when high speed gales raged as well…….I only have 80% confidence in this phase forecast due to wind charts not playing ball with moisture charts!

25th Freezing conditions with record lows could be too cold to rain but expect frosty ground with some sun spells for daytime. 26th Cold, frosty risk of icy showers in the afternoon but generally some sun spells as well. Could be blustery breezes for us as well
27th Some winter showers arrive from midnight to early this morning especially to western regions Freezing but dry and sunny day some icy air flows
28th Similar to yesterday but risk of icy showers late evening frosty conditions prevail overall.
29th Risk of showers before sunrise sunshine during the day
30th Misty or cloudy start risk of drizzle spells during day clearing by evening temps less severe but still icy
1st Daytime seems sunshine with cloud but evening there is likelihood of showery outbreaks heavy at times
2nd Returns to cold icy and quite frankly brass monkeys should beware….

Please remember these forecasts are long range, produced in July  using the very accurate system of astrology- astro meterology,  and any errors or inaccuracies are due to my own application of a very credible and ancient system of forecasting weather.
Read     for longer range predictions/weather forecasts for AUTUMN 2011 or go to            
Read    to find out some interesting information about weather forecasting
visit  for more discussion astro meteorology and access FREE  lessons in weather forecasting and lots of free book downloads with much more..

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

November 24, 2011 at 3:31 pm