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Long Range Weather Forecast W Yorks and Yonder 15th-31st March

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15th-22nd March

This phase brings in some fine serene outdoor weather, especially to eastern parts,  but also it is characterised by  strong and sometimes gale force winds mostly West and N Westerlies, Some drying trends and unsettled conditions with the sun moving North on 19th. I expect news reports of strong gales causing disruptions to power lines around 18/20th, depending on your UK region,  as well as to traffic,  probably Scotland again, but high lying regions generally to north also affected. Precipitation more likely mid day to midnight for this phase.  Extreme west UK and GB coastal regions such as Caenarvon, Pembroke Cornwall NW Scotland etc look likely to be worst hit by the strong winds for this phase.

16th Temps on the rise strong N Westerlies often gusty and strong and lasting next couple of days. Some sunshine expected and mostly dry weather, the rise in temp could lead to some static outbursts.

17th Winds strong continuing gusty intervals, risk of showery outbreaks today, heavier to west of our region but winds could fetch  rain here. The low pressure looks south east at this stage.

18th The weather looks more unsettled, with sunshine and  cloud, with winds not knowing whether to stay or go. Temps can be cold but some warmth from sunshine and rain is definitely around our region in the afternoon especially when dark clouds can reign,  and could be heavy at times, but I see no risk of floods from this level of precipitation.

19th Sunshine and fair weather clash with some passing gloomy clouds but winds look to be strong enough to take away any darkening of the skies. I expect some blue skies to prevail today and tomorrow.

20th Strong gusty sometimes high speed winds expected to rev up again, N Westerly, some blue skies to brighten up the outlook, but cold, but after today temps could heat up to remind us that summer is just around the corner….

21st Sun with cloud around but high temps expected could lead to quick showery outbreaks by evening…….winds look  less active by today…

22nd Sunshine, blue sky and N Westerly spurts keeping temps exposed to cold pockets, hail or fast sleet showery outbreaks but will be short lived. Winds turn more high speed and westerly by afternoon. Brisk south westerlies begin to blow in for tomorrow…..

March 22-30th

 A mostly dry phase with sunshine to enjoy though some spartan sudden showery outbreaks of hail or sleet likely 22nd, then 24th and 25th with heavier outburst not likely to arrive till 30th

Temperatures look set to be on the cool side with some biting N W winds adding to coldness of weather and getting gusty and very aggressive at times from 24th

25th sees a break up of sunshine weather with some cloudiness and humidity or mist down in valleys or above watery flows. and easterlies can be a little broody, but sunnier days expected to follow.

26th sees some isolated windy frenzy causing a stir at 48 mph gusts for some localities W Yorks n Yonder, and on 28th some showery outlook late evening with some tornado outbreak likely to SW Midlands region…I’ll be trying to track this outlook.

29th brings warmer temps from sunshine during the day and southerlies more active.


Read for the full season forecast, the whole  Spring season is already posted on there if you want to plan ahead…Summer is nearly ready to post so keep coming back to find out what awaits us in the summer season….go to if you would like to know more about the growth of astrometeorology down the centuries…