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2nd-10th November W Yorks and Yonder Weather

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FEEDBACK 2nd -10th Nov
2nd we got early showers some sunshine with cloud but showers again by 8-9 pm so not a bad forecast
3rd heavy downpours 4 am and then 3-4 pm so again reasonable accurate
4th cloudy start clearing by 11 45 am as expected no showers here, but may have been some in other localities in our region
5th dry day with sun spells and no showery spells so the forecast was out
6th dry again but the icy pockets were keenly noticed so this part was accurate
7th cold start sun with a little cloud late eveing shower –my forecast for today was one day early for tomorrow>>
8th mists mizzles and foggy day with drizzly spells
9th same as yesterday but the fog clearing earlier we got less rain and dirzzle and I’m not sure where the t/storm occurred due to lack of time to look it up,

though this system was moving up from the south along the west coast and up to Scotland by Thursday 10th, so not too way out with the weather theme I

10th begins cloudy some light mistiness around and damp air 11 am
80% accuracy due to being a day out of sync with two forecasts but overall a good forecast for the weather themes we experienced.

Written by tricia astro meteorologist

November 10, 2011 at 9:47 am