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FEEDBACK 2nd-10th Dec W Yorkshire and Yonder

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The general description for arctic conditions came in at the outset, though weren’t as severe as last year, but icy nontheless overnight for first couple of nights.
The blizzards for Scotland I didn’t look at and the winds generally for this phase, back in July, due to lack of time, though of course Scotland was hit badly as was the north of England and Ireland with hurricane winds swirling anti clockwise around Scotland’s arena on the globe.

2nd We had early frost, sunny day followed with some spray attemps by 1 15pm cloudy later a little breezy
3rd Frost very early soon disappearing, sunny am very windy and pouring it down by 3pm then again at 10pm the rain came again filling up low levels on lakes. Very windy today.
4th Intermittent rain, heavy at times as expected, drier outlook by 3pm SNOW by 8pm only a light and patchy covering but snow as forecast..90% accurate forecast..I expected a heavier snowfall…but the snow forecast was bang on the target.
5th Light coverings still on ground, more flakey outbreaks failed aroun 9am sunny with icy temps and no breeze at all. More snow 12pm with breezes kicking up but gone again by eveing when it was drizzly. This was a very icy cold day today so a good outcome temp wise.
6th Sunny start with icy patches on paths and roads, very slippery then icy showers from 4-5 pm and again 10-11 pm when the winds revved up again.
7th 5am brought in some nasty rain conditions that proved very noisy, winds still strong and blustery overnight , dry am but very wet ground, hailstorm 3 45 pm with strong winds accompanying to form a min blizzard that caught me outside, and this continues overnight again….
8th Winds still strong 165 to Scotland overnight and 55mph to some parts of Yorkshire and yonder, very fast and noisy here intermittent rain and sleet showers t/out continuing overnight into 9th
9th Some sun around after break of day but rain hail and sleet arriving 10 am approx, snow outbreak by 11 55 till 11 05, with winds intermittently strong but not 55mph.

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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

December 9, 2011 at 12:46 pm