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Feedback 18th Nov-25th Nov W Yorks and yonder…

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The overall July write up for this phase, less icy than expected and less precipiation than expected also, but I was 85-90% accurate overall, with floods affecting the River Nith in Galloway on 18th and road warnings galore for that region of Dumfries reported by Sally traffic on BBC radio 2……the sunshine I forecast also came through thank goodness after all those mists and mizzles that looked like staying around forever…..I expect these to return in February though so don’t expect to see the last of these for W Yorks and yonder. Happily one TV company abided by my advice to be warned that 21st Nov might not be a good time to film at night when looking for the north star, and made alternative arrangments instead….well done!

The worst of the weather for us on 20th was fog, then thicker fog by afternoon just when we thought it would clear off from our roads as it did on Saturday…herrumph…..pea soup looks set to return in spite of ”scientists” saying if we get rid of industrial pollution we’ll have no thick fog …HUMmmmm
The flash floods were out in Sicily but I’m still awaiting forecast results for today and tomorrow to find out how accurate this part of my forecast was…..the severe gales are already raging in N Ireland and Scotland. The snow doesn’t seem to have arrived yet, but it is cold enough, and in Scotland it was expected for the end of this week….Netweather forecast wintry showers for this end of the week as well…..we can only await the outcome for tomorrow…..

The earthquake I saw looks like the 6.2 in Hokkaido Japan, but Fiji had a 5.1 today 24th as well, I expect another one to hit the headlines throughout today 24th Nov……haven’t time to spend locating these and doing weather sadly………it takes time to time events using astrology and millions of threads of astronomical and mathematical data, as I’m not looking into a crystal ball….

Here’s the local W Yorks and Yonder outcome

18th We got spray halfway along my street at 9 30 am approx but dry beyond that little micro rainfall….you just can’t get the weather to fall properly nowadays, like leaves on railway tracks and snow the wrong design, rain comes and goes regardless….a weak sun broke through the mists eventually and we were mainly dry
19th Misty am again the sun broke through by mid day I registered only 55F on a much cooler day today
20th Thick fog all day long with early drizzly spells and again by 2 30 pm and late evening as well, with temps less icy than yesterday so yes less severe as forecast, but I forecast icier temps to start with!
21st The drizzle continued into morning leaving a foggy start until late morning some drizzle and mizzle around again 9 am
22nd Mizzle at start and fog again, dry day to follow with sun out in the afternoon, the strong winds arrived for Scotland and N Ireland today bringing more rain for those regions…failed to find any flood news for today so my forecast was wrong for floods to arrive today….but I did warn for over following days so lets see what arrives ….
23rd weather disrupted travel for Carnac NW Scotland, disrupting seagoing vessels especially…here it wasa dry day after a cloudy start and no breeze to mention….The snow expected for North Scotland
24th More warnings of travel disruption coming in for Scotland, at Stornaway, Bute and surroundings ares…and this will move down as the day progresses, in W Yorks we are dry, some sunshine and clouds around…….breezes getting sporadically livelier as ay wears on……sadly I have to post this before getting more weather restuls to coonfirm accuracy for the weather outcome to get worse by tomorrow bringing in the flood reports…A wind alert is out over the Highlands and Eilean Siar for today moving around to the Orkneys later and these areas are on flood alert: Argyll and Bute, Caithness and Sutherland, Orkney , Shetland Skye and Lochaber, Wester Ross, Western Isles .
25th As I’m posting this on 24th to try catch up with all my weather work for winter season, I can’t post the oucome for today but have looked up whether floods are on alert and got only a negative on this forecast………this was on the environment agencies website on 24th however…. ”The overall coastal flood risk is LOW for Norfolk tomorrow (Fri 25 November) as a large surge is expected on the East coast of England, with a risk of some localised property flooding for some coastal communities. Elsewhere the flood risk remains VERY LOW for the next 3 days. ”