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FEEDBACK W Yorks Weather 12-20th October

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FEEDBACK W Yorks Weather 12-20th October

W Yorks and beyond  was battered by strong winds as forecast so I do hope you didn’t plan a long journey over the Pennines and high altitudes  for this phase. Some heavy showers did arrive as forecast, in Durham, and NW as forecast accurately,  but it was Scotland that got the worst of the weather disruptions as I expected, and we got less severe conditions.

12th brought mists and mizzles with more over the Aire valley for late evening and early morning as forecast.
13th more mists around early morning in Aire valley and it was cloudy but direr with sun breaking out late afternoon as forecast with temps reamaining moderate for the season.
14th Stillcloudy mizzly outbursts spartan precipitation mod temps and vreeziness arpinmd with sun attempts 3-4pm
15th early mists again in valleys to 8am, but glorious blue clear skies  as forecast, no rain for this region …..
16th Some spray or dampness wet ground early am when it remained cloudy here till  mid day cold temps but warmth from sun, no rain though even though I forecast it might arrive.
17th Floods hit Scotland which I did expect for this phase, but we escaped such high levels of rain but we did get brisk breezes turning blustery and strong by 2 pm and I didn’t notice any thundery outbursts here……. 11:15 am we did have strong blustery Southerlies along with some westerly flow blowing high branches around in  a wild manner….Stronger winds by evening and rain coming in with it across our region.
18th Blue skies and intermittent cloudy rainy spells today t/out, sleet 12 30 pm, more showers later between blue sky outbursts, and stronger winds turning strong and blustery.
19th Lovely blue sky start with no rain around our region and the sun is shining with some light clouds around as well as strong blustery breezes……but it’sonly 11 30 am and some wintry showers could arrive later in the day…will let you know later….
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Written by tricia astro meteorologist

October 19, 2011 at 10:31 am