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Weather Forecast W Yorks and Beyond 20th-26th October

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Weather Forecast W Yorks and Beyond 20th-26th October

Some fine outdoor weather, cool but windy with more destructive outbreaks expected for 24-25th onwards so take care if on high ground, near trees or driving across high areas. Any rain attempts will be sudden often spartan in nature ad not long lasting with skies clearing soon afterwards..This phase heralds  with a ‘supermoon’ or perigean spring tide moon on 26th … expect some coastal areas to be exposed to rough weather, there

20th Temps seasonally warm, quick spartan showery attempts 12-3pm sun with cloud strong S Westerlies and some rain potential late at night.
21st Sun with cloud around mod to brisk lively westerlies.
22nd Still Breezy,  sun with cloud today
23rd Cool but clearer skies, some cloud and variable winds continue
24th Rain early from outset of day, speedy NW winds, clear clouds away during the day
25th Sunny day, cool but strong if not violent winds NW and record breaking around this date…
26th Some static outbursts from midnight to early morning, these accompany seasonal warming with likelihood of heavy levels falling. Winds look set to continue but be less volatile. Outlook is stormy, clearing as day grows older when the system moves to the far east of UK Not a nice day….Potential for snow cloud formation but also some extreme temps recorded for today…. weird weather outlook!

With this spring tide New moon in Scorpio you do need to check local weather forecasts if you are going sailing or potholing or caving as underground caverns, boggy areas, drains and sewage locations and deep watering holes are also sensitive to this moon’s pull on the atmophere. Yes, the moon really does have a pull on tides…..

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