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27th Sept-4th Oct
Some record breaking and destructive weather to North, seismic events still in headlines at the start of this close sysygy. Changeable weather as summe turns more autumnal, or else misses out this season altogether! 27th Very strong winds prevailing and high speed NW gales in part of UK, temps moderate for the season, cool enough to snow on exposed high ground. Mists cloud, or fog around 2-3 am. Sleet, hail, even snow on high ground 6-10am.
28th Similar conditions to 27th, cooler but clearer skies western areas look misty or foggy, perhaps sea frets likely 2-3 am, clearer in the day but some intermittent  winter showers potential 9-11 am and 1-4pm, turning cloudy late evening, strong winds continue..
29th Clearer skies, moderate seasonal temps, potential for quick shower 1-3pm
30th Showers around 1-3pm Heavy downpour expected 8-10pm.
1st -4th should be more settled and calmer after stormy weather, with better outdoor conditions by 1st, and southerly flows for 2nd cool but clearer skies 3rd brings some mists and hazes or cloud early morning, but some sunshine with cloud as day develops, 4th could see some quick showery outbreaks, cool with some sunshine along with westerlies and easterlies clashing.
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